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How to increase your height

I have a friend whenever both of us go to the bar, security guard always asks for an ID card because he thinks my friend is under age but it is not true. He is older than me.

The principal question arises after this story is, “How to increase your height? ” and it is possible or not.
there is a lot of question on internet like

  • How to increase your height in 1 week?
  • How to increase your height after 21?
  • How to increase your height after 18? 

But I am not giving the answer of these questions because I don’t have.

    How to increase your height?

    According to a research, average height of an Adult 176 cm. If your height is 176 cm you are normal.

    How body increases their height?

    Height increases because of the length lengthening of your long bones. These long bones contain growth  plates, also called epiphyseal plates
    These plates cause an increase in human height.When Human growth hormones (HGH)  released by our brain, our body height increase. 
    This hormone secretion is on peak during adult age and after that its value decreases.
    Adults can easily increase their height but doing exercise and taking a healthy diet.

    Height increasing exercise

    • Rope jump
    • Forward bend
    • Spot jump
    • Standing vertical stretch
    • Bar hanging
    • Planks
    • Sprints
    • Cycling
    • Jump squat
    • Surya Namaskar

    Rope Jump

    • Rope jump is a simple and effective exercise to increase height.
    • it stimulates our bones to increase their length
    • According to a study, Jump rope increases Human growth hormone production in our body.

    Forward bend

    • In forward bend exercise, we have to bend forward and touch our toe.
    • it stretch our spin and back muscle.

    Spot jump

    • In this exercise, your feet together and hand on hips
    • After that bend your knees and Jump up, down
    • Follow these steps continuously for 5 to 10 min.

    Standing vertical stretch

    • Stand vertically with your feet together
    • Put your hand on hip and stretch your body sideway
    • this exercise is very helpful for weight loss also

    Bar hanging

    • Jump up and grab a bar 
    • your arms and spine should be straight 
    • hang in this position for approximately 30 sec.


    • cycling is the world best exercise to increase height
    • this exercise stretches your leg muscles and enhance HGH production 


    • take the position of push up
    • remember your back should be straight 
    • plank stretch every muscle in your body
    • it also a splendid exercise for weight loss

    Surya namaskar

    • surya namaskar is not a simple exercise
    • it only increases your height and also good for your all body
    • it is the best exercise of yoga 

    How to eat to increase height, or what to eat to increase height?

    There is no special diet for increasing height. Remember, only one thing you have to take milk and other milk like product because bones need Ca and other micronutrients to increase their height.

    Some foods

    • Milk
    • cheese 
    • paneer
    • Almonds
    • chicken
    • Eggs
    • green vegetable

    Note:- If you are eating Ca rich foods, Vitamin D also required for their absorption.

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