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Before starting a weight loss diet, you have to know some facts as 

    • Daily calories requirement 
    • calories required to lose 1 kg 

Daily calorie requirement:- There are many websites and apps that can help you to calculate your daily calorie requirement. A simple search in google calorie counter
let’s assume your daily calories requirement is 2000 calories and if you want to lose weight reduce 500 calories from it so you have to require 1500 calories in a day 

Calories required to lose 1 kg:- According to research if you want to lose 1 kg in a week you have to burn 7000 calories/week.

As we discussed early we had reduced 500 calories/ day so the total calories loss per week is 3500 means half kg. if you want to lose faster add some exercise which can also burn 500 calories per day.
By using this calculation you can burn 7000 calories per week means 1 kg per week.  
Weight loss diet chart – Fit Tuber

calculator with a page


weight loss diet chart 


  • warm water ( early morning)
  • 2 tablespoon of peanut butter
  • 2 chapati ( total calories = 404 calories)


  • 1 apple( or fruit) of  100 – 150 gm ( calories = 90 calories)


  • 100 gm paneer  bhurji ( 370 calories)
  • 1 chapati (calories = 150 calories)


  • 1 apple ( or fruit) of 100-150 gm ( calories = 90 calories)


  • chickpea soup or Dal soup with some salad or 2 glass of milk ( 300 calories)

Remember during weight water is also important to drink water




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