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                                                                                                                                                                    My dad was suffering from leg pain, but Yesterday I notice his leg is all right. I ask him how you do  that.

My dad told me that this miracle happen because of cycling

Cycling is an aerobic exercise, which offers a lot of benefits. It keeps you active and relieve stress.

    Benefits of cycling

    • Weight management
    • Stress buster
    • Increases stamina
    • Muscles building
    • Good for knees
    • Simple excercise
    • Good for heart
    • Save money
    • Increase happiness

    Weight management

    • Cycling helps to burn calories and help to reduce body fat. If you are worried about tummy fat, cycling is the best way to reduce because it targets mainly tummy area.
    • During cycling, our heart rates get increase and it burns more calories.

    Stress buster

    • According to research, stress level observed more in drivers compared to cyclists. When you do cycling your stress level reduces, which increases your overall health. 

    Increases stamina

    • Cycling is an aerobic exercise. When you do cycling for a long interval, your stamina and endurance get increase because your heart and muscles are persistent in an active state.
    • Because of cycling your overall strength increases and that increases your speed.

    Muscle building

    • Cycling is good for your leg muscle. 
    • it mainly targets thighs and calves muscles.
    • it also shows a beneficial effect on overall muscle of body.

    Good for knees

    • Running shows high effect on our knees as compared to cycling
    • Cycling also prevents arthritis problem.

    Simple exercise

    • Cycling is a simple exercise and everybody knows cycling from their childhood so they don’t need any trainer
    • Whereas other exercise needs a trainer

    Good for heart

    • According to a research if you do cycling for 30 minute a day, heart problems decreases up to 50%.

    Save money

    • Cycle is not costly as compared to other bodybuilding equipment 
    • You can also borrow it 

    Increases happiness

    • Cycling is stress buster. stress is the chief cause of many problems
    • According to a research, fit peoples are more happy than unfit.

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