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fat to fit transformation

“Fat to fit transformation” Journey is not a straightforward journey, but it is not impossible

you can achieve this goal by adopting proper diet and workout and this article can help you achieve your goal.

Tips for weight loss

there are following tips for fat to fit transformation  given below


According to research, Diet play 70% role and workout play 30% role in weight loss.
If you take a healthy diet with a sufficient amount of protein daily, you can lose weight faster and gain muscles.


  • Don’t take a high calorie food
  • Avoid fast food
  • Avoid soft drinks and other carbonated drinks


Recent studies show that, if you have more muscle mass, the process of weight reduction is fast as compared to low muscle mass.
That why workout is important.
But if you are beginners, avoid heavy lifting in starting because it can cause you injury.
Learn the right way to perform an exercise.

Intermediate fasting 

  • This diet plan recently becomes more popular in fitness industry because of its mind-blowing effects.
  • Intermediate fasting involves cycling of eating and fasting activities OR Fasting for a specific interval of time.

Drink hot water

  • Energy is produced in our body with the help of some chemical reaction and these reactions require so if you are not drinking enough water you can’t achieve your goal.
  • Hot water enhance our metabolic reactions and helps to lose body weight.


  • After a workout your body need rest, so proper rest is require
  • During sleep your body repairing muscles.


  • you are thinking why I include tracking in this list of tips
  • If you are not tracking your goal, start from now.
  • Tracking your goal, keep you motivated
  • if you track your calories, you get an idea how much you have to eat
  • you can easily find any error 
  • you can achieve your goal in less time.

Stay positive

  • Every goal wants some sacrifices and continuous hard work
  • Always think positive, because it strengthens you


I think these tips can help you achieve your goal and remember one thing
There is no substitute of hard work 

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