Junk food vs healthy food

“Junk food vs healthy food” this topic is identical to everyone but do you really know what is junk food?

What is junk food?

Junk food is categorized into unhealthy food that has low nutritional value. If you are consuming these unhealthy foods, stop from today.

Why junk food healthy?

Junk foods contain an outrageous amount of fat, sugar, and a moderate amount of fiber. When we consume these foods, our body glucose level gets increases.

After this, insulin gets released into our body, which transfers glucose from the blood to cells.

If you consume junk food frequently your organs can not handle this blood-sugar spike and cause health problems.

According to experts, the Daily added sugar limit  should not be over 36 gram, but these foods contain more added sugar

Effect of added sugar on health

  • High blood pressure
  • weight gain
  • Diabetes
  • Heart diseases

Type of junk food?

  • fast food
  • carbonated beverages
  • Pizza
  • Cakes
  • Snakes and desserts
  • French fries and potato chips

What Are Healthy Foods?

Healthy foods are a combination of fresh food that gives your body the required nutrition. This food contains an exorbitant amount of protein and a moderate amount of carbohydrates and fat.
Our body needs different vitamins, minerals present in a healthy diet.

Benefits of healthy food on health

  • Strong bones and teeth
  • Good gut health
  • weight management
  • Low-risk heart diseases
  • Increases immunity
  • Good for skin health

Strong bones and teeth

Healthy food like milk contains an exorbitant amount of calcium and other minerals good for bone health.

Fortified food contains vitamins, minerals, and these foods are easily digestible.

Good gut health and immunity

Fibers are important for good gut health. They help in problems like constipation.
Healthy food gives a boost to gut microorganisms. These bacteria help us fight against diseases and improve our digestion.

weight management

Healthy food contains low calories so it does not increase our weight.

Low heart diseases

Healthy food contains a moderate amount of fat and this fat is a healthy fat.

Good skin health

Vitamin C gives a boost to skin health and these foods contain an outrageous amount of vitamin C.


I think this article “junk food vs healthy food” easily every doubt in your mind, so avoid junk food or avoid frequently. 

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