6 Impressive benefits of peanut butter

Whenever you go to a grocery store, you always seen a jar of peanut butter and a question always arise in your mind “what are the benefits of peanut butter”.

Every bodybuilder or fitness freaks are familiar with peanut butter because it is a wonderful source of healthy fat. It also contains a good amount of protein and minerals.

We can make peanut butter from peanuts by grinding it.

Benefits of peanut butter

  1. Bodybuilding:- Bodybuilders perform workouts for many hours in the day so they need more energy. Peanut butter contains healthy fat so it can give an outrageous amount of energy. 1g of fat gives 9 calories whereas 1 gram of carbs gives 4 calories, so fat gives more calories than protein and carbs. It is also high in protein, 2 tbsp of peanut butter contain around 5 to 6 gram of protein. This protein helps to recover from damage.
  2. Digestion:- Peanut butter is rich in fiber, these fibers maintain bowel movement and keep our digestion stronger. It also helps to the movement of food in the stomach and intestine.
Benefits of peanut butter
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  1. Weight loss:- intake of low calories can reduce weight, but peanut butter give high calories so high intake of peanut butter can increase your weight. 2 tbsp of peanut butter contain 16 grams of fat but we can not ignore its protein content so if you take it in moderate amount it will give benefits.
  2. Bones health:- Bones need minerals like Ca, potassium etc for their growth and maintenance. An adult needs around 3000 mg potassium for their good bone health, 1 tbsp of peanut butter contain around 200 to 300 mg of potassium so it can help to achieve our daily minerals needs.
  3. Diabetes:- Today diabetes is a common problem. Spike in body glucose level is the major cause of diabetes. 100 gram peanut butter contains 4 g of sugar that means it can not increase your blood glucose level.
  4. Cholesterol:- Fat is the primary cause of the heart attack. It blocks our arteries and causes a heart attack, but peanut butter contains 0 mg of cholesterol so it can lower down cholesterol level.

How to make peanut butter

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Market peanut butter may contain added sugar so home made peanut better is the best choice. Manufacturing of peanut butter is easy and requires only one ingredient peanuts.

  • Take a specific amount of raw peanuts and roast them.
  • Put these peanuts in the grinder.
  • Grind until it not converted into butter like product.

In the beginning, it does not look like peanut butter, but after a few intervals, you can see the change.

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